Carys ApotheCary

Carys Apothecary

We’re a small apothecary making medicine tailored to your specific needs.

Why Choose Us?

My name is Cary Perry. I am the owner and founder of Carys ApotheCary. I have been called to be a healer, and that is what I am here to do. I make Magick medicine under the moon, sometimes during a full moon and sometimes during the new moon. I tailor medicine to your needs.I studied herbalism since I was a young buck following the indian elders around as they taught me the life of the land its relationship to us, regarding plants as food and medicine. Lets bring the ole ways back. we can heal ourselves. We have forgotten that our greatest gift is each other, we as humans must strive for one another its not about self anymore.,it is about the collectiveness of you me and everybody.

"Making magick under the moon"

Cary Perry

anti-haematona , anti-phlebits,antispasmodic, anticatarral, mucolytic, astringent, cicatrizant, heptopancreatic stimulant

Helichrysum italicum

 sedative,nervous relaxant, hypotensive,antispasmodic, sexual tonic, aphrodisiac

ylang ylang complete
cananga odorata

Antibacterial, fungacide, anticatarral, expectorant, mucolytic

Rosemary ct cineole
rosemarinus officinalis

About Us

Cary Perry

store owner

I am a mother and a grandmother. I was called to be a healer from a very young age. I learned about healing herbs from the local natives and also from going to college. I use only the finest organic local ingredients. I have a secret proprietary blend that is in each batch. Along with being a healer, I am intuitive and a seer of sorts. I do tarot readings, bibliomancy readings, and have been gifted with good discernment. I am an ordained minister. I do bless your medicine! you wont find anything comparable, as each jar is made fresh to order, under the assumable essence of you the individual.Mixed with magick and Love!